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Meet your real customers around the world on our machine learning mobile platform

Engage the real users, Acquire quality users anytime

We are the leading ad-tech company specialized in data-driven performance marketing. Servicing mobile apps installs, brandings worldwide. With our in-house AI solutions that help client to be connected with true customers and ensure the lifetime value.


Advertise & Engage

Gazet Factory is focused on pure performance mobile marketing and we provide quality traffics to deliver positive ROI

Technology & Knowledge

With more than 10 years of mobile marketing experience, our technology and knowledge bring more service than your expectation

Professionalism & Perfectionism

Our professionals assure reliable and dedicated campaign management with perfection


Diversity & Reliability

Unique and premium campaigns with competitive rates will help to monetize your inventories.

Our managers ensure to be reliable for long term partnerships

Result & Profit

Real time dashboard supports publishers to check the result of campaigns 24/7, while keeping strict rule of payment terms

Optimize & Stabilize

Gazet team manages campaigns to be optimized in the shortest period and stabilized to build long lasting campaigns

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